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Align Your Spine On the Pilates Arc

Pilates arc is the secret to a strong core and healthy spine. Pilates arc, also known as the spine corrector, will ultimately improve your posture, stretch your back, challenge your core, and bestow upon you the healthy and balanced body you want to achieve. It’s a simple yet very beneficial piece of Pilates equipment. It’s a versatile and portable body fitness equipment that’s ideal for home Pilates practitioners because its use is almost intuitive, and above all, it doesn’t cost that much. A high-quality Pilates arc would come with a 30-degree curve for your spine and back, a comfortable seat and footbar combo to aid you while doing your Pilates exercises on it. These are the qualities you will always see on Resista, DMA, and Peak products for their Pilates arcs. Only Pilates Machine Australia can give you these top quality Pilates arcs from its most credible makers. You can be assured that the Pilates arc you’ll find in our online store will improve your posture, build your flexibility, correct any spine alignment problems you might have. And above all, ease your back pain – a recurring and regular ache that any 9 to 5 worker always endures. So get your hands busy and get the first-rated Pilates arc now at Pilates Machine Australia.

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Pilates Machine Australia does boast not only Resista, DMA, and Peak products but also the various fitness equipment from 66Fit, Fitclub, Powertrain, Orbit, and Epitomie Fitness. We have scoured all of down under to give you the highest quality of fitness equipment your money can buy and would make you enjoy your Pilates exercises at home for the benefit of a strong and balanced body. The Pilates Arc is your gateway in achieving that balanced body and mind. Don’t hesitate now and click on the most suited Pilates arc for you at Pilates Machine Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy my Pilates Arc from Pilates Machine Australia?
Pilates Machine Australia has got the goods that can make your home gym Pilates exercises a more productive body fitness activity. With all the prominent and quality-proven brands that have our back, we are in the prime position to offer the most reliable Pilates Arc there is in down under. Aside from the overflowing credible Pilates Arc, we also pride ourselves in giving each Pilates equipment a rigorous test and inspection to make sure that it’s up to standards and that it will not be a waste of time and money for you. We have fitness experts, coaches, and professional athletes alike, we contract to check and inspect each fitness accessory that comes through our doors. We also have medical partners that give us their two cents on what it takes to pick out the most ergonomic Pilates Arc for your home gym Pilates studio. Ready to build your own Pilates studio at the comfort of your home? Then buy it now from Pilates Machine Australia.

What if I got questions on the Pilates Arc I want to buy?
When you got some clouds hovering over your brain on the Pilates Arc you would want to purchase from Pilates Machine Australia, our sales representatives and customer service agents have all the answers for you. Whether it’s about Pilates mats, exercise balls, Pilates rings, or Pilates bands, our agents are well-informed to give you the solution you need. They can even help you pick out the best Pilates Arc for you. So don’t sweat it and give us a call when you’ve got some questions on your mind. We’ll be happy to serve your needs.

How do I order my Pilates Arc?

Shopping at Pilates Machine Australia is quite simple.

  • Click on the Pilates equipment of your choice, go over its details. And if it makes you happy, go on and add it to your cart.
  • You will be given the option to continue your online shopping spree of body fitness equipment or pay your Pilates Arc at the checkout page.
  • At checkout, fill in the necessary details for billing and delivery.
  • Choose your mode of payment. We accept cards from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You can also opt for a 6-week four-instalment plan through afterpay. Just click on the afterpay icon, and you will be redirected to its homepage for login and permission for payment.
  • After going through the easy peasy processes, you will receive an email notification from the address you nominated upon purchase as well as the delivery details of your Pilates Arc.

It’s very easy, right? Building your home gym Pilates studio has never been this smooth sailing when you transact your business with Pilates Machine Australia.

How long should I wait before my Pilates Arc arrives?
Your purchased Pilates Arc will be right at your doorsteps within 48 to 72 hours. We have several warehouses all over the country that fulfilling your request for Pilates Arc is not a problem. We will be contacting you as soon as your Pilates equipment and accessories are ready for shipment. But before they are packed ready to aide your Pilates exercises, they will undergo a series of checks and inspections to ensure that they are in a pristine condition when it arrives at your home. Our delivery partners have competent personnel to transport your Pilates Arc wherever you may be. They all have undergone training to better guard your Pilates Arc while they are on transit to your home Pilates studio. We assure you that they will be handed to you without a scratch, or a nick and is working as perfectly as they ought to be.

Will my Pilates Arc have any warranty?
Yes, your Pilates Arc has warranties according to the manufacturers’ terms and conditions. To make things easier for you, we can register your Pilates equipment in the manufacturers’ product registration page. That way, when you think your Pilates Arc does not live up to expectations and such malfunction or defect is covered by its warranty, you can directly come to us. And save yourself some time of waiting in the line together with a multitude of customers who wants to claim for warranty too. You will get a hold of the product’s registration as well as a copy of the warranty terms and conditions when you receive your Pilates Arc. Immediately contact us when you have questions about warranty claims and services.

What do I gain when using the Pilates arc at my home gym Pilates studio?

There is a lot to gain when practising with a Pilates arc in your home gym Pilates studio. As with any of the Pilates exercise routines, you will enjoy a holistic, balanced body fitness by using the Pilates arc at home. How does it do that? Please, read on.

Pilates arc increases your flexibility. When you don on the Pilates arc, the equipment stretches your muscles, even those you are unaware you have. You will feel that tense stretching all over the parts of your body. And as time goes by, you would find that you got a 360degree motion of your body.

Pilates arc will improve your core and its stability. Since you can use the Pilates arc as your balancing equipment, you can significantly enhance your core and your body’s strength even by doing a few minutes of plank on it.

The Pilates arc will ease your back pain. You can lie down on this fitness equipment and arch your back to a safe degree relieving the tensions and stresses inside it. You can even use this to ease the aches in your neck. Just lie your head on it and wait for the pressure to slowly dissipate.

The Pilates Arc is on the go fitness equipment. You can easily continue working on achieving a balanced body with the Pilates arc in tow inside your car. You won’t fit it in one of your gym bags, but you can just as easily slide it inside the back of your vehicle and continue your Pilates exercises wherever you would want to go.

The Pilates arc is versatile when it comes to the fitness equipment it can complement. It can be added to your Pilates reformer for a more challenging session to boost your flexibility and core. You can also add it to your ladder barrel or even just put it on top of a stable bench or board, and you have your DIY ladder barrel in seconds. Nice, right?

These are just some of the benefits you may gain when using the Pilates arc for your home gym Pilates studio. It is simple, cheap, and a space saver, so get one now from Pilates Machine Australia.